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Custom osCommerce Hosting SolutionsosCommerce combines open source solutions to provide a free and open e-commerce platform, which includes the powerful PHP web scripting language, the stable Apache web server, and the fast MySQL database server. And here at Wired2Host we can provide you with a complete installed customized e-Commerce Solution.
No matter what your needs are, we can design your web site and bring your products and services on-line quickly and professionally. ...
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We can stall and cgi/php scripts on your domain and integrate them into your website and have you running un no time.
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Script Installation

If you have a PHP/CGI script's you would like installed on your web server but just don't have the time or the tools to do it,

We will install any script that is written in php or perl/cgi and makes use of MySQL database.

This Service is Ideal for you If:

You don't have the time to read through tons of documentation and configure
   dozens of variables.

You don't have the time to figure out the configuration parameters  to install a
   PHP/CGI application.

You value your time in using it in a more fruitful way, such as marketing your site.

Our Installation Service Includes:

Configuring of all variables according to your webhost parameters;
Uploading all the necessary files with FTP client to your webhost;
Setting up all the file permissions to ensure proper logging and script functioning;
Testing all the scripts functions, including  usage, e-mail capabilities,
HTML output correctness, configuration utilities functions etc.

What You Can Expect From Our Service:

  1. Your script will be installed in a fast and timely manner.

  2. Your script will be installed in the most secure manner possible.

  3. Your script will be installed as intended by the author. There will be not be any customization done on the script for the price of the installation.

  4. After the work is completed, we will send you an e-mail detailing the work performed, relevant URLs, directories, the script's passwords, etc.

  5. If we can not make the script work, we will refund your payment.

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